August Bags

A few new creations to get August going. All our bespoke bags are one of a kind, made with vintage textiles like: Waxed canvas, vintage french linen, vintage painted fabrics, recycled carpets, vintage tapestries, postbag, velvet chenille, and other repurposed and reimagined materialsNot all our bags are listed on the site, so feel free to contact us for details, extra pictures of the bags and prices. No two bags are the same.  Be unique

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2 thoughts on “August Bags

  1. I purchased one of your bags when I was in London visiting my daughter and would love to be able to buy another one. Is there anyway I could buy one without having to travel to London ?

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    • Hello angela, first of all thanks for your purchase hope you’re enjoying your bag. You can contact me directly to and I can send you pictures of the bags we have available at the moment with prices. Which one are you interested in? Hope this message helps. Hope to hear from you soon,

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